Hi, my name is Jay and I have started a micro job community where writers, coders, web designers and others, can present themselves clearly and get paid a fairer price than is currently available. Ask me anything!

Johnston Otaigbe
Sep 10, 2017

Freelance writers, coders, web developers and programers are often forced to accept pittance for very time consuming work. This may be due to the truly international nature of any online opportunity, but people need to earn a living comensurate with their skills, location and cost living. A writer in London, UK can not be expected to write a ten thousand word article for $2. They would not be able to eat! Web content has become too cheap and buyers often get what they pay for but good quality writers often struggle to find proper paying gigs.

https://micro-jobbers.com will address this by encouraging high quality writers to post their micro-jobs for free in order to attract a fairer price for quality work. If we all set proper pricing we can become known as the one stop shop for quality!

Visit https://micro-jobbers.com to check out the micro job community.

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