I was working for a digital marketing agency, only to be told that it was downsizing due to financial issues and I was one of the unfortunate two to be retrenched. Since May, I have done several freelance jobs and still kicking it in to survive in the big city while my parents do not know of my situation still. AMA!

Jun 18, 2017

I moved to the city after accepting the offer as a Social Media Manager at a start-up company. Although I was enjoying my job, unfortunately my colleague and I were cut off by the agency after 7 months due to financial issues.

I was clueless what I needed to do to survive in the city and I dare not tell my parents of my situation because I do not want them to be worried of me. It isn't easy to get a job these days due to the current economy and I have been doing freelancing jobs since May. As much as I like the extra flexibility of working on freelance, I have to control my spending habits by cutting back on certain things. Not complaining but I like how these events have taught me to be thankful of better things :)

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